About us

Diamond Logos UK offers weekend workshops in Essence work in both London and Scotland. Below we briefly describe what this work is about.

Being in the present moment – rather than in past, in future, or in commentary about the present moment – can be felt in many different ways. It can, for example, feel peaceful, open, settled, joyful, or loving. These different ways of experiencing being in the present moment is what we call Essence.

When you come to a workshop, you will learn to sense one particular Essence clearly. You will learn to sense the difference between the Essence and other experiences you might habitually associate with the Essence. Learning to sense an Essence clearly makes this Essence more active in your life. E.g., when you learn to sense the Essence of joy, your life will become more joyful; when you learn to sense freedom, you will become more free in life, etc.

The heart of our approach is to practice open, receptive, non-judging acknowledgement of your moment-to-moment experience. We practice this through guided meditations, psychological processing, and taking time to sense and describe the sensory aspects of your experience.

The workshops are part of the Diamond Logos Academy. We offer a full support system for your spiritual unfoldment, which include:

  • Workshops, where you learn to sense Essence clearly – one at a time
  • Monthly evening meetings held on Skype, to support the processes that get started in the workshops
  • Individual sessions, where you can explore themes, central to your personal unfoldment, in more depth
  • Recordings of the main teachings and meditations from each workshop, you can use to tune in to Essence on a daily basis.

Hope to see you on one of our workshops!

Claus & Camilla